High Achievers

All of my tutors have been outstanding; they were so welcoming and always enthusiastic.

Quote: Katie McCoshan

Ludlow College is proud of its reputation for academic excellence. Whatever your ability you will be valued as an individual and offered a range of activities to enable you to reach your full potential.

We want to ensure that all students have the opportunity to excel and develop as individuals. The High Achievers programme is intended for those students who have achieved excellent GCSE results (A* and A grades). This is a well established programme that will give these students the best chance of gaining a place at the most highly ranked universities and on the most competitive courses such as Medicine, Architecture, Veterinary Science or Law.

Ludlow is proud of its long association with Balliol College, part of Oxford University.

Experienced expert staff will assist you with building on your outstanding GCSE results to the highest academic results at A Level. They will also assist you with developing your profile, experience, interests and understanding for university applications.

The programme includes:

  • Visit to Oxford University
  • Support in preparing your university application
  • Practice interviews
  • Extra tuition to ensure that you have the best possible chance of getting into one of the top universities
  • Support with gaining work experience placements and MEDSIM and VETSIM opportunities, as well as various pre-university summer school and scholarship options

Those students who take part in the High Achievers Programme are encouraged to undertake the AS Level Extended Project Qualification, which offers an excellent opportunity to further develop researching and independent learning skills.

Case Study 

Katie McCoshanName: KATIE MCCOSHAN

Chemistry, Geography, Maths and Extended Project Qualification, AAAA progressing to the University of Cambridge to study Geography

““The High Achievers programme was really great in so many ways. All the discussions about different current affairs, ethics, wider reading of topical and critical issues were really interesting and engaging. We went off and researched all sorts of different topics. We had really challenging mock interviews that give you practice at being put on the spot and how to effectively expand your ideas. It really made me focus on how to express myself effectively.

I enjoyed all of my subjects, though obviously Geography the most! All my tutors have been outstanding; they were so welcoming and always enthusiastic. They were all naturally understanding in their approach and went out of their way to help. They were always finding new ways to make everything interesting. You aren’t going to get that sort of one-to-one attention anywhere else. Everyone wants you to achieve and enjoy your time here.

I got involved with both of the college productions which were a great way of letting off steam and just having so much fun. I love all the singing and dancing and made lots of really good friends.

I’m really excited about going to university; it all feels like a bit of a whirlwind at the moment! The fieldtrips look pretty amazing - Tenerife, Denmark and Morocco; lots of opportunities! There is the chance for all sorts of modules and specialisms!”

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