Finance & Travel


No tuition fees are payable for any student who is under the age of 19 years at the start of their program of study. Examination costs are also waived initially, although the College may charge for resits at its discretion.

Students over the age of 19 at the start of their course are liable to pay tuition, materials and examination fees. The level of fees will be finalised prior to enrolment. Tuition and exam fees may be remitted in the following circumstances :

  • Student is aged 19-23 years and studying for their first full level two qualification
  • - Student is aged 19-23 years and studying for their first full level three qualification
  • - Student is unemployed and in receipt of a qualifying state benefit (details of qualifying benefits are available on enquiry)

Students over the age of 24 at the start of their course, and who are studying at level three or above, are no longer entitled to any direct government funding toward the cost of their fees. Qualifying courses at levels three and four may entitle students to apply for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan to cover the cost of College study. Full details are available from Student Services, and also online at


Financial assistance is available from the College in cases of hardship.  If you are struggling with finance during your course, or if you wish to study at Ludlow College and possibly may be deterred by the costs, please contact: Sally Cassels, Student Services Officer.  Options for 2013-14 include the Ludlow College Foundation Award, the Ludlow College scholarship scheme for students applying to university, the national College Bursary Scheme for 16-19 year olds, a hardship fund for adult students, Welsh EMA and Welsh Assembly Learning Grant for adults on full time courses.


Courtesy of the Ludlow College Foundation, these scholarships are paid to high achieving students when they progress to higher education. Awards can total £2000 a year per student, for a maximum of 4 years while at university. Contact your Headteacher or Ludlow College Student Services for an application Form. 

Applications should be returned by 31st March to:  The Clerk of the Foundation of Ludlow College, Ludlow College, Castle Square, Ludlow, SY8 1GD.  If you are at school you will need a reference from your Head Teacher.

For more information read the Foundation Scholarship Flyer by clicking here 


The Millichope Foundation in partnership with the Foundation of Ludlow College currently offers a limited number of bursaries for students falling outside the normal groups entitled to financial support through 16-19 Bursaries or the Adult Hardship fund.  Moneys will be awarded on the basis of financial need, although applicants will have to demonstrate that they have the ability and motivation to complete their courses successfully.  Applications are open to all age groups for any course at Ludlow College.  The bursaries will be variable in amount depending on the applicant's needs, and will provide financial assistance with expenses such as course costs, travel to and from Ludlow, clothing, equipment and books.


Please contact Student Services for an application form. You will be asked to supply proof of income. If your application is approved after September enrolment, you will receive a letter explaining what payments will be made to you - or to your department - to support your studies.


Initial enquiries on travel to College must be made to your Local Authority. If you are eligible for transport assistance, you may be asked to pay a contribution towards the cost. If you are not eligible, please contact Student Services at Ludlow College for further information.


There is no student parking between 9.00am and 5.00pm. Students are recommended to use the Park and Ride system and public car parking. Students parking on College premises between 9.00am and 5.00pm may be clamped.