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Daisy Dixon

Daisy Dixon left Ludlow College in 2012 and after studying a foundation course progressed to a BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Bath Spa University in which she received a First. Towards the end of her final year she was one of a 1000 artists selected out of 12,000 to take part in the Summer 2016 exhibition which take place across ten London Galleries. Daisy’s sculpture ‘War Club’ is being shown at the Royal Academy alongside some of the UK’s most wellknown and upcoming artists. 

Since then she has worked at Christie’s, worked on art installations with the Forestry Commission, at ADP Architects as well as work with numerous other artists. She is currently preparing for an exhibition at the Square Gallery in London as well as saving for an MA in Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s which will train her in the curating, buying and selling of fine art.

Even though Daisy has already achieved much critical acclaim in the short time since she left the College, she still attributes much of her success to her time at Ludlow.

My tutor at the College was truly inspirational; I really looked up to her and respected her work as an artist. I was always quite ‘arty’ but she really helped bring that out and taught me how to think in a much wider context. It became much more than just about the work itself. I would still say after all this time that she has been my best teacher. I would not have achieved what I have without her.