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Milly Stoneley

Extended Project

"Each year many students choose to take the Extended Project Qualification where they can choose a subject to research and present.

Milly Stoneley who is going on to study a BSc and MSci Chemistry at Nottingham University after achieving AAAB in her 2015 A Levels chose ‘Can drugs cure Ebola?’ for her EPQ subject.

I chose this subject because of my interest in pharmacology and I hoped it would help my university application. I was lucky to have a contact at Manchester University working in Biomedical Science who I was able to interview about the subject which was a really useful resource. I also studied a lot of pharmacology research and surveys available online. I took a purely scientific approach to the subject matter. I think this was much more constructive for my aim and what I was trying to achieve.

I felt that I presented my findings well in my presentation and I managed to include everything I wanted. The research element of the project and learning how to be objective are transferrable skills that I can use in future research projects.

I am so pleased with my amazing results and looking forward to everything at university. Both my Chemistry and Biology tutors have been fantastic and their teaching has always been brilliant.”