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Yvonne Riley

Yvonne achieved an A* grade in Geology, two A grades in Geography and Extended Project Qualification and a B grade in Chemistry. She is progressing to study Geology at Imperial College London and has been awarded a President’s Undergraduate Scholarship which is awarded for the highest academic excellence and potential.

“I’ve always enjoyed Geography, especially Physical Geography; I’m really interested in the way landscapes are formed and why they look the way they do. In Geology we learnt how Britain has actually drifted north over millions of years and that you can see the evidence of its much more southern position on the globe within the rocks themselves.

It’s great that you also get to go on field trips to Iceland and Sicily which were amazing so there are lots of opportunities for travel.

I’m very, very happy with my results, especially the A* in Geology, I’m so pleased with that one!

I’ve had a great two years at the College and have always had the support when I’ve needed it. The small class sizes really help, especially with Chemistry.

I’m definitely looking forward to uni now, London should be fun! I’ve also been really fortunate to get a Presidents Scholarship for Imperial so I feel very privileged!”