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Rory Burford

A2 Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Starting Pembroke College, Cambridge in 2013

I definitely enjoyed my time at Ludlow College. I’ve had some great teachers who are extremely committed, particularly with offering revision sessions. They are very flexible and have really effective teaching styles.

The guidance I have had from the High Achievers programme has been really fantastic both leading up to my application and during the process. As well as my university application, the scheme also helped me with a bursary application.

For other students who are thinking about applying for very competitive courses I would recommend that they consider studying the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) in addition to their A2 choices. It was extremely helpful in my application and I talked about it a great deal during my interview. Due to the EPQ being a self-directed project you can explore a subject you are really interested in. My project was titled ‘How can a better knowledge of neurodegenerative disease at a molecular level be used to suggest new treatments for Huntington’s Disease?’ I chose neurodegenerative diseases so I could include my interest in epigenetics. The subject links well to the Natural Sciences subject I will be studying at Cambridge so it was really relevant to my application.

I’d also add: don’t be afraid to ask for advice, the support structure is in place to help you. Overall I have had a very enjoyable time at college. Ludlow College has a community feel and an all-round good atmosphere. Everyone is always happy to help.