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Marni Ashworth

Marni Ashworth was home educated before she took her GCSEs at Telford College. At Ludlow College she studied A Levels in Sociology, Photography and Drama achieving the grades A*A B. Her EPQ project was awarded an A* and the subject Marni chose was, ‘To what extent is Hinkley Point C a commercial opportunity and to what extent is it a sustainable source of energy?’

“I studied the EPQ because I wanted an extra qualification and I got quite into enjoying it for its own sake quite quickly. It was the freedom to study something I was interested in anyway and the opportunity to study it at length. My essay writing improved as a result of the project and the academic referencing I learnt from scratch.

It certainly gave me the confidence that I would be able to hold my own in a discussion on nuclear power. I felt quite passionate about the subject as I have always been interested in environmental issues and it also informed my interest in the politics that surround it. The tutor was really good at openly talking about lots of ideas; it was a much more genuine process of learning rather than just achieving a grade.

I really enjoyed studying at Ludlow College - it has a really friendly vibe, and because of the smaller classroom sizes I really got to know my tutors. It’s a really unique experience. The support was really good and there are additional support services available too which is useful.

I have dreams of being able to save the world and I am looking forward to understanding how governments make the decisions they do. Maybe one day I will be prime minister, which is one of my larger aspirations!”