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Daisy Hyatt Evans

A* in Extended Project, A Biology, A Psychology, A Sociology

Progressing to Aberystwyth University to study Microbiology

“When choosing my subjects I was certain that I wanted to do Psychology, I then chose Sociology as I felt that fit nicely alongside of it. I struggled choosing my third subject, so I went and had a taster of Biology and ended up loving it, not to mention the tutor was so nice; this actually ended up being my favourite subject out of the three.

Being a mature student, I really felt like it was my last shot at getting my A Levels, but I am pleased to say that I will be going to Aberystwyth University to study Microbiology.

I have really enjoyed studying at Ludlow College, as there is a great sense of community and I think that is largely down to the size of the College. I love that it is smaller than other larger colleges as you end up getting to know your tutors more and creating a better relationship with them. I would say my favourite part of being at the College is the learning.

Overall, I think Ludlow College is a great place to study as the environment is so friendly and the quality of teaching is brilliant.”