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Jonathan Burton-Barr

A* Sociology, A Psychology, B Drama

Progressed to Birmingham University to study Psychology

“The Psychology A Level was great because it gave me a broad overview of the subject, as well as an insight into the latest research, and I found it was great preparation for university.

I found the whole study of the human cognitive process really interesting and engaging. The subject really captured my imagination and I decided that I wanted to pursue it further at university. I was really pleased with my A Level results, I wasn’t sure whether or not I’d get in to university so, pretty awesome really! I can’t believe that I managed to get an A in Psychology which is what I needed and an A* in Sociology which is actually beyond what was needed. My teachers said that I was capable of more than that and they pushed me to push myself; I owe so much to them.

Now having completed university, I have done more than I could have imagined. I took part in a hitchhike to Germany, have completed several internships, studied abroad for one year at the University of British Colombia in Canada, travelled around Vietnam and Thailand teaching English and have given a TEDx talk, which was a great achievement.

I want to go on to study a Masters at Birmingham University in cognitive robotics and computational neuroscience, and in the future I also plan to do a PhD related to A.I or create a start-up business in the same field.”