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Sophie Robinson

A Maths, A Chemistry, A Biology

Progressing to Liverpool University to study Veterinary Medicine

“I was really happy with my A Level results, as I needed to get A grades for my place at university and after achieving Bs last year at a different sixth form college, I knew I had to try something different to achieve the higher grades I would need, so I came to Ludlow instead.

I thought Ludlow College was brilliant place to study. All the staff really cared and because of the smaller class sizes I had much more one-to-one time so was able to build stronger relationships with both the tutors and the other students. They always made time for you, going out of their way to offer additional support when needed, such as offering practice papers, or extra sessions during holidays.

I really enjoyed my time at the College and it really paid off for me with the results that I achieved. I am now able to study Veterinary Medicine and look forward to a future career as a vet.”