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Daisy Cadet

Studying A Level English Language, Environmental Science and Biology

I am currently studying English Language, Environmental Science and Biology at Ludlow College. I really enjoy Environmental Science and Biology because they’re all about the living world and English Language is a good universal subject to have under my belt. Out of the three I definitely prefer Environmental Science, just because I find the concepts really easy. I have actually just had my mock exams for these subjects and got a B in Biology, an A in Environmental Science and a C in English Language.

The five universities I applied for were Bangor University, Swansea University, University of Lincoln, Bournemouth University and the University of South Wales. I have received conditional offers from Bangor and Swansea, and then three unconditional offers from Lincoln, Bournemouth and South Wales.

My first choice is going to be University of South Wales where I will be studying Natural History; South Wales is actually the only university in the country that offers this course. Then my insurance choice will be Bournemouth University where I will be studying Ecology and Conservation. I am really excited for my future at university as I feel like I will have so many more options.