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Daisy Cadet

A in Environmental Science, B in English Language and B in Biology

I chose to study at Ludlow College because it was local to me and the idea of getting the train to other college’s did not appeal. I also knew that Ludlow had small class sizes, which I felt would be really beneficial to me.

While there, I studied A Level Environmental Science, A Level English Language and A Level Biology. I chose Environmental Science because I really care about the environment and want to pursue a career in it. Similar with Biology really, I enjoy learning about living things, and then with English Language I thought it was a good all-rounder subject for university. I think my favourite subject was Environmental Science, as I found it fairly easy but massively interesting. I also really enjoyed Biology, but I found that the hardest subject to do. I would definitely recommend studying at Ludlow, as the teachers are really good and helpful.

I will now be going onto study Natural History at The University of South Wales; this course encompasses both Biology and Environmental Science, so I am really excited about that. It covers a range of modules, like Zoology for example, and also there’s a module on media which will be really interesting.