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Harry Mcaleenan

Studying A Level Geology, Chemistry, Biology and GCSE Maths

I am currently studying Geology, Chemistry, Biology and GCSE Maths at Ludlow College. Out of the three I’d say my favourite subject is Chemistry as there is a good structure to the course with some of the content being maths based. My tutor for that subject is also really nice; actually, the tutors for all my courses are really nice!

When I was in school I attained a Grade 5 for my GCSE Maths, but I really wanted a Grade 6 to better myself and make myself more desirable to universities; so, because of this I decided I wanted to re-take it this year and have one final go at trying to get the grade I want. I have just completed my mock exams for Chemistry, Biology and Geology and am due to take my Maths mock soon. I have only received my results for Chemistry and Biology so far, but I am very happy as I got an A in both.

I applied to study Biomedical Science at University of Worcester, University of Chester, Cardiff University, University of York and University of Warwick. So far, I have had offers from York (BBB); this offer from York was actually meant to be ABB but it was lowered for me, Worcester (CCC); who have offered me an unconditional offer if I pick them as my first choice, Chester (BBB), and Cardiff (ABB).

At the moment, Cardiff is my first choice and then York is my insurance choice because I want to study medicine after, so ideally my choice needs to be a Russell Group University; however, if I receive an offer from Warwick then that may become my first choice. I am going to have a look round them all again in the up and coming weeks, just so I can be sure about my decision and to make sure I like my first and insurance choices.