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Aimee Parry

A* in Chemistry, A* in Maths & A* in Biology

“I decided to study my A Levels at the College because it’s local to me and I think Ludlow is a really lovely town to study in. I chose A Levels rather than a vocational course as I am really interested in the science subjects, which I also want to pursue further at higher education level. The best bit about A Levels is you can pick the subjects you really enjoy, rather than having to do several you might not want to - like you do at school. I find the tutors here really inspiring, as they are passionate about the subjects they teach and this bounces off us as students.

I am planning on progressing to study a 5-year Veterinary Medicine degree at Liverpool. I have completed several placements working with animals to gain some experience before moving onto the next part of my academic career, including working at a dairy farm, a dog rescue centre and a veterinary surgery. Having grown up with animals and with my interest in science, I decided it was the right career choice for me.

I would highly recommend the A Level courses I am studying if you intend to go down the medical career path. The College has a great community and I have really loved my time here.”