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Andrew Price

Triple Distinction Star in BTEC Level 3 Sport

“When I came out of school I knew I wanted to study sport but I didn’t want to study other A Levels alongside it, so the BTEC was perfect for me as it meant I could solely focus on sport. The style of teaching also really suited me with there being a lot more practical parts to the class, as well as time in the classroom.

I’m really pleased with my result, and now I’m heading to the University of South Wales to study a Foundation Degree in Football Coaching and Development. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Ludlow – I picked the College because I knew it had smaller class sizes which means you get more time for direct interaction with the tutors, and it was also local to me as well.

For me I enjoyed the wide variety of the BTEC – you learn across a wide variety of units, and get to take part in a lot of different sports, it’s not just fitness or football. If you like the idea of being a bit more hands-on and not as theoretical, I’d highly recommend the BTEC course, and the College too.”