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Dan Thomas

A in Maths, A in Physics and A in Computer Science

I chose to study Maths, Physics and Computer Science at A-Level. Having always been strong in Maths and Sciences in school and having an interest in engineering, I felt these would be the subjects I'd enjoy the most, aligned with my interests and would enable me to go on to study engineering at a high level.

I chose Ludlow mainly because of the feel I got from the open evening that students would have lessons that are more one-to-one than other colleges and sixth forms. I've been a part of very small classes at Ludlow and I feel this was beneficial to me, as teachers could afford to spend more time specifically on helping me with any issues.

I had two choices for this September, either going to study Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University (firm UCAS choice) or Harper Adams University (insurance UCAS choice), or going to work/study on an Engineering degree apprenticeship with Dyson. For the degree apprenticeship I need to get ABB in my A Levels and to go to Loughborough I need A*AA to start on the MEng course or AAB to start on the BEng course (with the possibility to progress onto the MEng depending on performance throughout first few years.) I decided to go for the degree apprenticeship, as this appeals to me as I would be getting good practical experience, 3 days a week working on Dyson products, meanwhile still studying for a BEng in Engineering through Warwick University (who I originally applied to through UCAS as one of my 5 choices), and while earning a good wage and having my tuition fees paid for me by Dyson.

From my experience, I highly recommend Ludlow College to students. My teachers always worked hard to produce quality teaching materials and were always available or contactable when I needed them - I don't think I could've asked for more from them. As for the courses, the content will always be essentially the same whatever college you go to, my advice to students is to just pick subjects you enjoy and are prepared to work for; you won't have someone supervising you like in high school all the time - there's lots of independent study which you have to plan and do in your free time.