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Dave Davies

B in A Level Music, A in Computer Science and A AS Graphic Design

Whilst at Ludlow College, I studied A Level Music, A Level Computer Science and AS Graphic Design. I chose to do Computer Science as this is something I’ve loved since I knew what it was and programming is definitely my favourite aspect of it – you have to make loads of mistakes when doing lines of code to make them perfect, but once you have it right, you know you will always get it correct after. I also did it at GCSE and will be studying it at University too! I then chose AS Graphics because it was most like Computer Science out of the other A Levels, and Music because I find it really fun and had it as my relief subject, I also did this at GCSE.

As mentioned above, I will now be going onto study Computer Science at Aberystwyth University. I actually did an entrance exam back in March, which I did really well in and due to that they gave me an unconditional offer to study there. I am really excited to go to university, and when I visited on open events the department felt great and the teachers were really friendly. I discovered there is an amazing view of the sea when leaving the one campus too!

I chose to study at Ludlow College mainly because I grew up here and it was local to me. I seem to be all things Ludlow, I was here for primary school, secondary school and college, just not university but I probably would go here if there was one! Also, the fact that the College has small class sizes is amazing because it meant the teachers could really get to know me. I think my favourite subject to study was Computer Science as there was so much freedom in what we could create. We’d get a whole term to create anything of our choice, which I loved! I have recommended the College to friends many times, the teachers are incredible and understanding. Not to mention they really get their ideas across well.