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Katherine Fanouraki

A* in Biology, A* in P.E. and B in Chemistry

“I came to Ludlow College from Ludlow High School and I really wanted to study A Levels as they leave you a lot of flexibility in what you can do afterwards. I chose my three subjects as I have an interest in nutrition, and all 3 subjects are relevant to this.

I considered going to other sixth forms, but being local to Ludlow I realised that logistically it would have been difficult for me to get to any of the others – I also came to realise the benefit of having much smaller class sizes here at Ludlow, it enabled me to build a much better relationship with my tutors, and they were able to offer me the support I needed.

For me, the best part of all of the subjects was the practical parts – all of the A Levels had a practical element to it, and I enjoyed how this was delivered. Another part which on reflection was really useful was that there was a lot of ongoing tests, such as at the end of a module. While I can’t say I enjoyed the tests at the time, it was really effective at highlighting what you had or hadn’t learned, and you could then ensure you knew that going forward.

For me next, I’m looking at a gap year before going on to study Nutrition, I’d highly recommend Ludlow College for studying A Levels, the tutors are really great.”