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Old Ludlovians Boer War Memorial

Boer War Memorial to be reunited with Ludlow Horse.

At its meeting on 6th January, Ludlow Town Council had on its agenda a request from Ludlow College and the Old Ludlovians’ Association, for a long term loan of the Boer War Memorial Boards which formerly flanked Adrian Jones’s ‘Ludlow Horse’ statue in the Ludlow Town Hall.

Since the demolition of the Hall in 1986, the boards have lain unseen in the storeroom of the British Legion in Victory House.  On the boards are the names of the men from the Ludlow area who served and died in the Boer War 1899-1902.  Most of them had been in the Shropshire Company of the 5th Battalion of the Imperial Yeomanry.

We are happily able to report that the councillors voted overwhelmingly in favour of letting Ludlow College have the memorial boards.  The horse’s head at Palmers Hall, Ludlow College, can now be reunited with the boards and thereby commemorate in remembrance the Ludlovians involved in the Boer War.  These included Tom Sharp OL, who was one of those who died, and Richard Moody OL, who commanded the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Irish Rifles.  Old Ludlovians both paraded at the Boer War Medals Presentation Ceremony in London, and later, having taken their hoses to London, and wearing the full dress uniform of the Shropshire Yeomanry, were part of the troops who lined the Mall for the Coronation Procession of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra.

2012 is an especially appropriate year for the boards to be reunited with the horse’s head, for it is exactly a hundred years since in 1912 Adrian Jones was the guests of honour at Prizegiving, and had his Angel of Peace Quadriga at Hyde Park Corner inaugurated by King George V and Queen Mary.

Story contributed with thanks to Robert Burns, Old Ludlovians Association, 8th February, 2012.

Date: 10/02/2012