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Hands Together - A Great Success!

A  'Hands Together' session at the College on Friday the 27th April proved to be a resounding success with the local community. Volunteers Athlyn, Mitchell, Reece, Charlotte, Ebony, Sian, Nicole and Fay from Ludlow College Years 1 and 2 gave up their own time to answer guest’s questions about mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

The Hands Together Technology Group is a spin off from a group of volunteers who supported the Ludlow Food Bank and realised that there was a need in the community for help with mobile devices and technology generally. 

When A Level Geography students visited the Food Bank last year they talked to a lot of people and realised that the cross-generational link with technology might really work. The initiative was trialled last month with great results and so more dates were added. A future activity that the group are planning is a session on how to apply for Universal Credit (which has an online application process) aimed at people who have limited IT skills or resources.

The group were delighted to be able to send and receive text messages, download apps to their phones for train times, get their emails set up, contact family abroad and many more queries. One guest said that she lived alone and found talking to Ebony such a tonic, a young, busy person who had time to be at college studying A Levels and time to help her too, such an inspiration. The guest left the session beaming from ear-to-ear and they all wanted to know when the next session would be.

These are just some of the comments:

"Ebony was most helpful, I am most grateful for the opportunity to join the 21st Century"

"Excellent session, I learnt so much, thanks"

"Many thanks, lovely student helping, will come again"

"Fantastic, thank you"

Date: 1/05/2018