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Globalisation lecture by Dr Gareth Hoskins of Aberystwyth University

On the 11th September, the students of A level Sociology and Geography at the College were delighted to welcome Dr Gareth Hoskins of Aberystwyth University to talk about globalisation. The theme of globalisation is integral to both disciplines and Dr Hoskins spoke in great detail how globalisation in the contemporary age should be seen as neither a project or a 'natural force,' but instead a seamless movement of objects (not necessarily in the physical form).  He talked how, through this process, many of the objects are becoming commodified.  What was particularly interesting about his talk was in observing that there are some novel commodification of objects going on - including a commodification of attention; there is a global competition to make money from getting our attention!.

The second part of Dr Hoskins lecture was on how architecture has been shaped by globalisation. He commented on how much of the mid twentieth century architecture was dominated by modernist thinking; which involved an expression of the might of science and engineering with grand structures that dominated over nature. Now, due to post modern trends, much architecture can be seen as more playful, less conformist and almost anti-modern! This was a very well attended talk which will undoubtedly help both A level Sociology and Geography students respectively'.

Date: 16/09/2019