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Student Wins Corpus Christi Cambridge Essay Competition

Congratulations to Ludlow College student, Grace Byrne, who is one of the winners of an essay challenge by Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University.  

The Corpus Book Token Competition was aimed at Year 12 students at state schools who are considering applying to study an arts, humanities or social science subject at the University of Cambridge. 

Studying A Level Law, Grace’s work explored the use and accuracy of sniffer dogs in our Criminal Legal system. She has reservations about the consistent success and practical accuracy of sniffer dogs. 

She says, "Research has proven that, although sniffer dogs have the undeniable ability to sniff out drugs, they cannot physically decipher between actual possession and minute residual scents of drugs. Subsequently, dogs can indicate people who may have innocently shaken hands or exchanged currency with a drug user in the past, leading me to question whether dog’s noses are, perhaps, too sensitive to be successful?” 

"I find it arguable that police are relying on this tool with such high margins of error to justify 'reasonable grounds', particularly when many of those indications can lead to invasive, degrading strip searches." 

Grace hopes to continue to research and understand this topic further. You can read her winning essay here. 

Grace entered the competition through Ludlow College's High Achievers programme. This programme is a great opportunity for students who have achieved excellent GCSE results and would like to prepare for gaining a place at the most highly ranked universities and on the most competitive courses.  

Date: 28/07/2021