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Your Student Governors

"Myself and Adam Matthews have been appointed Student Governor and will be representing all students at HLNSC. I wanted to become a student governor because I am passionate about making the student voice heard. As a result of the diversity in my courses I can give an open opinion on how both A Levels and BTECs run effectively and how both are beneficial qualifications.

I am currently studying A Level Chemistry alongside BTEC sport full diploma. Whilst studying Chemistry I have enhanced my ability to problem solve, enabling me to look at what was taught and be able to transfer that into a wide variety of context. Whilst studying sport I have enjoyed learning all about the body and how it adapts to exercise. I am a keen swimmer so learning about how the body adapts and how best to develop my performance really interests me and motivates me to do better. I recently swam for cancer research and raised over £700 in aid of a member of my family who is close to my heart. In the summer of this year I had the opportunity to go to UNIQ at Oxford University to study Maths at degree level. I thrived off engaging with people from a wide variety of cultures allowing me to appreciate the diversity in society, it was one of the best things I have ever experienced and has helped me open my eyes to what career path I want to go down in the future.

Whilst in my role of Student Governor I would like to improve the College further and be able to make our college the best it can be for the students. The fact that I am representing students from all five campuses means that a lot of responsibility comes with the role. However, I feel that it is a real privilege to be able to do so. I have had some experience in a role like this before as I was on the school council in primary school and every year in secondary school. Whilst on the council, not only did I bring forward issues, I made sure to be persistent with them until they were heard and changes were being made. This is something that I will bring to my position of Student Governor.

When I finish college, I would love to go onto university to study Paramedical Science and embark on a successful career as a paramedic. I am looking at going to Worcester University but I’m not entirely sure yet. I hope that as I continue onto higher education I can continue to represent students of the university and make their voice heard." - Abby Durant

"Abby and I are proud to have been elected Student Governors and will be representing all HLNSC campuses. I applied for the role because I have prior experience of being on other committees, two of which I have been the chair of; Shropshire’s first Youth Council and now a new youth environmental group that I was central in establishing. In addition to this, I am on the Steering Group for the Community Lead Plan for Church Stretton where we discuss the future of the town and how we can help it to move forward.

With this being quite a formal and prestigious role, I feel a great sense of responsibility for all the students that I am representing over the five campuses. I am really pleased to be able to give back to the College and other students by putting their perspectives, as well as my own, forward in meetings. On another note, I hope to be able to gain a great deal of experience from my time on the board of governors, and will treat the entire venture as a learning curve that ideally will inform my future life choices.

My main goal after college is to read History and study politics at Oxford University, an institution that I have always dreamed of becoming a part of. Further to this, I have done some research into working within the civil service and have found that they offer a kind of post-degree internship that they call the Fast Stream service. I would complete this in the Diplomatic Service, where I would work various roles over a two year period and come away with a large amount of experience; this is a highly competitive role but is definitely something that I want to try and aim for." - Adam Matthews