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Getting to Ludlow College

We understand that transport can be one of the key factors in choosing to go to college when you live in a rural area. Ludlow College is easily reached by regular bus and rail services from many rural locations.

Contact Ludlow College Student Services if you are unsure about your local transport options. In some cases, parents are better off contacting their local travel company than applying for a pass through their Local Authority’s post-16 transport scheme. If you are eligible for travel assistance, you may still have to pay a contribution.

There are no student parking spaces at the College between the hours of 9am and 5pm. If you have your own transport we recommend the ‘Park and Ride’ system as the most cost effective way of parking.

In addition to the various public bus services running into Ludlow, the College provides a bus service on the following routes:

  • Chirbury, Churchstoke, Bishop’s Castle, Clun, Ludlow
  • Presteigne, Shobdon, Mortimers Cross, Kingsland, Wigmore, Ludlow

Our Student Services team will be able to offer advice on transport.

Bus Routes Around Ludlow & Suggested First Point of Contact

[If you expect to apply for a bursary, please contact Student Services first of all]

Tenbury Wells & North on A49 731 Yarranton Brothers 01584 881229
Kidderminster via Far Forest,
Cleobury Mortimer, Clee Hill
292 Diamond Bus or Shropshire Council  See below
Shrewsbury & South on A49 435 Shropshire Council (or Minsterley Motors) See below
Chirbury, Bishops Castle, Clun   Ludlow College
Student Services
01584 838863
Knighton via Leintwardine 740 Arriva West
Midlands Buses
See below
Presteigne, Shobdon, Wigmore   Ludlow College Student Services 01584 838863
Leominster via Orleton (for Kingsland see Presteigne bus) 490 Herefordshire Council
Run by Yeomans / Lugg Valley Travel
See below
Stottesden, Cleobury North, and various stops to Ludlow 143 Caradoc Coaches
Or Shropshire Council 
01694 724522
See below
Shipton & B4368 / B4365 155 Shropshire Council See below
Knowbury 724 Shropshire Council See below
Soudley 711 Shropshire Council See below

Note that Ludlow College Student Services is closed from mid-July to mid-August.
Important! Please double-check operating dates with your bus company as those working under local authority contracts may not run on Ludlow CofE School PD days.

Local Authority and Other Contact Details for 2020-21 Applications

Shropshire Council: 
(Click on links ‘Apply for travel assistance now’  andcheck you are applying for 2020-21).

Tel: 0345 678 9008

Herefordshire Council: 

Tel: 01432 260 928 (or 924)

Important: Train pass applications not paid for by 31 August may be rejected, or may result in parents paying full cost charges with no student discount.
Powys Council: 

Tel: 0845 607 6060 or 01597 826455

Students living in or near Presteigne, Knighton, Churchstoke and Montgomery are also advised to contact Ludlow College Student Services for information on college or public buses from the area, especially if applying for a college bursary as well.
Malvern Hills & Worcestershire Council: 
College catchment areas mean it is rarely worth contacting Worcester Council for transport assistance if studying at Ludlow College. However, if there is good reason, visit the website below and follow links to apply online:

More likely, students will need to apply direct to operators direct for an annual or termly pass e.g. Yarranton Brothers:  01584 881229  or  Diamond / Rotala plc (see below).
Diamond Bus / Rotala plc: 
You can download the Diamond Bus App or apply online. Popular passes for Ludlow are:

Information on the 292 bus can be found at:

Arriva West Midland buses:
Website: Academic year and termly passes are available here or by emailing:   

Alternatively, Calendar year passes with a monthly direct debit option are available at:

Worst case, phone or email Joanne Banks on 01543 435421 or   
Or contact Arriva customer services on 0344 800 44 11 (Monday to Friday) and ask about
West Midlands Student Saver tickets on the 740 route from Knighton to Ludlow.
16-17 RAILCARD -  First released in September 2019 

Students buy their own railpass and then receive 30% discount on rail tickets.  Bursary students should contact Ludlow College first.

Important: This is different to a 16-25 railcard which does not offer discounts at peak times.

For further details please contact Sally Cassels, Student Services Officer, on 01584 872846

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